Self Disclosure Conversations

The Self Disclosure Conversations are a 13 part, one a day email series that are a continuation of the film Becoming Yourself in Your Business. They are probably more intimate than the emails you’re used to but it has to be if we’re going to have some real conversations about how we can run our businesses and marketing as actual human beings. Before you sign up for the conversations you should watch the full film.

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In this email series Megan talks about things that few others dare to mention. The real stuff that goes on behind closed doors. The gritty reality behind the rose tinted world everyone else wants to paint.

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30 Days of Self Disclosure

In the 30 Days of Self Disclosure email series I am going to send you an email a day for 30 days. You’ll learn about the subtle shift in my business – and myself – that was responsible for almost trebling my sales. This email series is really a confessional where I unravel what has enabled my rapid business growth – and failures – in an 18 month period.

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What has been particularly good about your emails is they highlight the constant interplay between private life and business life. You unearth some really fundamental, yet simple things, that might well make all the difference between success and mediocrity.

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