Megan Macedo is an Irish writer and entrepreneur. She runs a marketing and storytelling consultancy in London where her work is about helping people be themselves in their professional lives. Megan writes and speaks about authenticity in marketing and taking an artistic approach to business.

Her story is one of searching for a way of doing business that feels genuinely authentic. Her work is informed by her experience of growing up in a big family at the tail end of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. She explores how family and cultural context shape our story, our work, and our business.

Megan Macedo SpeakingMegan’s output includes the short film, Becoming Yourself In Your Business, the video interview series, The Business of Self-Disclosure, and regular 30-day writing series on topics like uncertainty, gentleness, and artistry in business. Megan hosts workshops and retreats in the UK, Ireland and the US. She has shared the stage with the likes of Jay Abraham and Perry Marshall.