Becoming Yourself In Your Business

A film about one business owner’s journey from entrepreneurial block and personal crisis to freedom, fulfilment, and marketing that matters

Leave your details below to get the Self-Disclosure Conversations – It’s Free. It’s probably more intimate than the emails you’re used to but it has to be if we’re going to have some real conversations about how we can run our businesses and marketing as actual human beings.

Megan Macedo HeadshotAbout Megan

The most important work we can do is show up in the world as our real selves. I write and consult about authenticity in marketing, helping individuals and companies be themselves in every aspect of their work.

In this email series Megan talks about things that few others dare to mention. The real stuff that goes on behind closed doors. The gritty reality behind the rose tinted world everyone else wants to paint.

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Megan is the Brené Brown of marketing.

Perry Marshall Author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing