Discover Your Story

The foundation of your ability to be yourself in your business and marketing, and doing it in a way that gives you the money you want to make and the impact you want to have, all for only $10/£8.

The 10 Principles of Be Yourself Marketing

If you feel like a square peg being bashed into round hole after round hole when it comes to finding the clear path for growing your business and your impact, then the guiding principles I have to share with you will bring the clarity you’re seeking. I call them The 10 Principles of Be Yourself Marketing.

Tell Your Story

In the Tell Your Story program I will show you exactly how to build trust and rapport with your ideal clients and move them to action. Not by using cheap tricks and gimmicks, but by showing them who you really are, being authentically you, and telling your shared story.

Be Yourself Community

The Be Yourself Community is a community for entrepreneurs who are committed to being themselves in their business and marketing. It’s a place for people who are putting all of themselves into their work to come together and have honest conversations about the things that really matter.

Self Disclosure For Sales Masterclass

Video Recordings of a 1 Day Seminar in London where I took a client through my customer mapping process and wrote his copy live in front of a room, so you can see for yourself exactly how it’s done.

The Collective

The Collective is a way for me to work with you one-to-one on an on-going basis to support you as you do your work in the world. Every month we’ll talk, just you and I, enabling us to develop a relationship that will reveal- to us both – an understanding of who you are, and what the next steps are for you to grow your business and do your work.