£1,500 +VAT ($2,000 USD)

Each Intensive is a private session with me that lasts 4 hours. You can bring a partner, key member of staff or anyone else you think should be there along with you and I. We’ll spend half a day together working through whatever you need. We can talk about high level strategy, we can jump in and write some copy together, or we can do anything in between – I’m all yours.

The Intensives usually focus on one of the following four topics:


Whether you are in a business that is no longer fulfilling to you, or you’re trying to figure out what direction you should go in with your work, I’ll show you how to uncover your Thing. The reason most people aren’t being themselves in their work and life is because they don’t know what it looks like to be the real them. They don’t know what they should be pursuing. They don’t know what their passion is. They’re not clear about what really floats their boat. I’ll show you how to uncover the Thing that you were made to pursue so you can gain clarity and move forward with purpose.


Is your business about more than just business? If you want to create a movement around your work, if you want to create a purpose for your company that is bigger than the pursuit of just profit, then I’ll help you make it real. When you have a big vision the hardest thing is often capturing it in words, crafting a message that will move people to action, and creating a plan that will rally your troops. I’ll help you craft a powerful core message that will resonate with your audience. I’ll walk you through the mechanics of how successful movements grow and survive. We’ll apply it to your mission and create a plan for your movement to thrive.


Regardless of your line of work, everyone has an origin story. Whether you are trying to grow a business or create a movement, the story of how you came to be where you are and care about what you do is the most powerful thing you can share. But most of us are too close to our own stories to see the most powerful narrative or we struggle to wrangle that story into submission. Origin stories are wild beasts that can feel overwhelming. I’ll help you tame yours. Where most people go wrong is they think their origin story is about them, it’s not. Your origin story is about the people you’re trying to influence. I’ll work with you to craft the version of your origin story that will move the people that matter.


It’s not marketing tricks and tactics that create raving fans and loyal customers, it’s the ability to genuinely connect and create real relationships with your audience. Over the years I’ve developed a process that lets you authentically show yourself to your audience in a way that attracts your ideal customers and naturally repels anyone who isn’t s good fit for you. It draws from the empathy zone – the natural area of intersect between you and your ideal customer – and makes sure you don’t end up over-sharing. If you like my messages and would like to connect with your audience in the same way, I’ll work with you to put the process I use into action. You’ll leave our time together with a deep understanding of your audience and a bank of stories and messages to use in your emails, on your website, in talks and anywhere else you communicate with your tribe.

If you’re facing an issue that isn’t covered above and you’d like my help with it in an intensive session that’s fine too, just let me know.

The half day intensives happen in person in London. If you can’t make it to London we can arrange a virtual intensive – contact me and we’ll talk about how it works. The fee for an Intensive is £1,500 +VAT or $2,000.

Before I accept clients for Intensives I want to be sure there’s a good fit and I can actually help you in your current situation. So if you’d like to apply for an Intensive session with me, let’s talk. Send an email to with the subject line ‘Intensive’ and someone will be in touch to set up a 15 minute call with me.