Michael Arnold: Failure Is Not Failure

Megan Macedo interviews Michael Arnold, founder of Acupuncture In London and Pregnant In Six Months, for The Business of Self-Disclosure. Michael talks about what success really means and how failure is not really failure.

Sahar Hashemi: Don’t Chase After Money

Megan Macedo interviews Sahar Hashemi, founder of Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy. Sahar talks about what success really means, the importance of starting a business for the right reasons and why you should let money chase after you.

Perry Marshall: Brutal Tales And Intuition

Megan Macedo interviews Perry Marshall, #1 author and most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. Perry is one of the world’s most expensive and sought after marketing consultants. In this interview he talks about everything from 80/20 sales and marketing to improv and the importance of chasing your passion and listening to your intuition.

James and Thom Elliot: Treat It Like A Game

Megan Macedo interviews James and Thom Elliot, founders of Pizza Pilgrims. In this interview the Elliot brothers talk about how they got here and how they deal with the chaos and problems that come with running a business.

Debra Searle: Shifting Comfort Zones

Megan Macedo interviews Debra Searle MVO MBE, professional adventurer, author and speaker. Debra rowed across the atlantic in 2002 before becoming a BBC TV presenter and successful entrepreneur. In this interview she talks candidly about the problems she faced along the way, how to shift your comfort zone and the adventure of running a business.

Chris Cardell: Marketing, Radio and Space

Megan Macedo interviews Chris Cardell, the UK’s leading expert on internet marketing and entrepreneurial success. Chris talks about his career in broadcasting, the childhood events that shaped him, and the mindset secrets that got him to where he is today.