Becoming Yourself In Your Business

A film about what it means to run our businesses and marketing as actual human beings

Recent Writing

You’re Not In A War. You’re In A Community.

I will never forget the interview I had for my job in the record shop. I sat in the office with the owner as a basement full of men worked on the other side of the door. The sound of shouting and grunting interrupted our conversation. The owner sighed, "We don't have any women working… [Continue Reading]

This No One Told Us

Brendan Duddy died earlier this year. In recent years he became known as the ‘Secret Peacemaker’ as his role as a back-channel between the British government and the IRA became public knowledge. He served as a go-between for over 20 years and was instrumental in brokering peace talks. Brendan was married to my mother’s cousin… [Continue Reading]

Megan Macedo HeadshotAbout Megan

The most important work we can do is show up in the world as our real selves. I write and consult about authenticity in marketing, helping individuals and companies be themselves in every aspect of their work.

Since working with Megan I’ve really noticed that my business is now consistently thriving... I’ve got clients on demand basically. I no longer have to worry about where my clients are coming from.

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