Becoming Yourself In Your Business

A film about what it means to run our businesses and marketing as actual human beings

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Recent Writing

Story Season Part 3: Birth Day

The day before my daughter’s first birthday I remember running through the play-by-play in my head. “This time last year we were heading to the hospital… it was around this time when shift changed happened and we got the new midwife… I was starting to get a bad feeling at this point…” She was born… Read more

Story Season Part 2: Sé Sé

My 18-month-old son has recently started nursery. His name is Séaghdha (‘Shay’) but if you’re in the know, you call him Sé Sé (‘Shay Shay’). When I was his age and my mother needed childcare I was looked after by my great aunt, my grandfather and two ghosts. My grandmother had just died and Granda… Read more

Megan Macedo HeadshotAbout Megan

The most important work we can do is show up in the world as our real selves. I write and consult about authenticity in marketing, helping individuals and companies be themselves in every aspect of their work.

Since working with Megan I’ve really noticed that my business is now consistently thriving... I’ve got clients on demand basically. I no longer have to worry about where my clients are coming from.

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