Becoming Yourself In Your Business

A film about what it means to run our businesses and marketing as actual human beings

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Cultural Forces: Day 21 – Unresolved

“I had a pretty dark period myself not so long ago,” my friend told me. We were talking in the pub about another friend who was in the midst of a significant personal struggle. “I didn’t realise that,” I said. He told me a little more about it and then returned to his point about… Read more

Cultural Forces: Day 20 – Glimpses

Last year I gathered a small but eclectic group for the first Dunfanaghy Retreat. People travelled from England, Colombia, Australia, and all over the US to come together in Donegal. The location was, as one participant put it, not even the middle of nowhere but the end of nowhere. On the first day we gathered… Read more

Megan Macedo HeadshotAbout Megan

The most important work we can do is show up in the world as our real selves. I write and consult about authenticity in marketing, helping individuals and companies be themselves in every aspect of their work.

Megan, Thanks for your work. Your approach is such a GALE of fresh air for me and where I am in my business, I thought I’d write personally to thank you. Getting clarity on who I am and what I have to offer has been a "golden thread" through my own mind. I have a renewed sense of direction to build up a patient base from a more authentic place, and low and behold people are coming through the door. Some get it, some don't. I let them pass by without any clinging or "over handling their objections". Thanks again.

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