Becoming Yourself In Your Business

A film about what it means to run our businesses and marketing as actual human beings

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21 Days of Gentleness: Day 16 – Folklore

My grandfather was full of stories. And jokes. He loved a joke, or a cod as he used to say. But I only realised a lot of his stories were jokes when I was older because they were all very specific to Derry, its characters and places of business. There were tales about Andy McGarvey’s… [Continue Reading]

21 Days of Gentleness: Day 15 – Bad Poetry

Steve Almond is an author, teacher and co-host of the podcast, Dear Sugars. One of my favourite things about the podcast, which is essentially an audio advice column, is how Steve uses the lens of literature to get to the heart of what the letter writer is asking. He'll often begin by reading a passage… [Continue Reading]

Megan Macedo HeadshotAbout Megan

The most important work we can do is show up in the world as our real selves. I write and consult about authenticity in marketing, helping individuals and companies be themselves in every aspect of their work.

I would recommend Megan without hesitation. You should work with her if you want to grow your business. She will deliver results – she is passionate about her work and is invested in her clients, which is to say that paying the bills is a secondary motivation for her.

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