Tell Your Story – Get More and Better Clients, and Have a Bigger Impact

In the Tell Your Story program I will show you exactly how to build trust and rapport with your ideal clients and move them to action. Not by using cheap tricks and gimmicks, but by showing them who you really are, being authentically you, and telling your shared story. Let’s tell your story together…

What The Program Includes

Four Intensive Webinar Sessions (with Q&A support)

  • Session 1 – Introduction to the 4 Acts and 14 elements of every great Shared Story
  • Session 2 – Uncovering Your Story
  • Session 3 – Uncovering Your Customer’s Story
  • Session 4 – Identifying Your Shared Story

A 1 hour One-to-One Call With Me, where I personally review Your Story in advance. Together we’ll nail down Your Shared Story (modeled on the 4 Acts and 14 elements).

I will also grade your story and we’ll keep going with feedback and re-working until you have an A-grade story in your hand.

A 1 hour One-to-One Implementation Call with my business partner and Chief Strategist, Niall, to show you how, where and when to plug your story into your marketing funnel to attract ideal customers, build unshakeable trust and get paid for who you are.

At the End of the Program You Will Have in Place

  • Your Shared Story, Completely UNIQUE to you, to go out to the world with, to use as a video script, landing page copy, direct mail piece, book outline, speech, etc.
  • A bank of additional stories to use in your e-mails, newsletters and videos – never again will you be stuck for really compelling and trust building copy to use in your marketing.
  • A step by step sales funnel design that allows you to get your Shared Story and your authentic messages out to the world in a way that makes sense for you, feels right, and attracts only dream clients.

Pre-Register For Notification

At the moment, I’m not taking on applicants for Tell Your Story but I will be opening the program again in the future. You can join a pre-registration list and be the first to receive notification of when the program is open for applications, fill out the form below with your name and email and you’ll be on the notification list.

What Others Are Saying About Working With Megan

As an author and public speaker, I’ve been “telling my story” for over twenty years, but when I was introduced to Megan and her work, I knew I had things to learn that would make my story telling all the more compelling. I have not been disappointed. In fact, I’d call it providence that I came across the “Tell Your Story in 30 Days” program.

Megan is an incredibly gifted person who knows what makes human beings tick. She “got” me and my ideal customers. More than a marketing expert, Megan is an artist. She’ll operate on you with the skill of a surgeon and illuminate your story with the insights and thoughtfulness of a friend who’s seemed to know you for years.

At times in my session with her, I wasn’t sure if I was getting marketing advice or therapy. I came away realizing I needed a little of both, and she delivered. I can’t recommend her program enough. I’m convinced it will prove to be one of the best investments I’ve made in helping me find the people I’m called to serve.

I continue to use all I’ve learned from you in my public presentations to great effect. Last weekend we had near 50% sign up rate to the Membership after telling my story to a room full of over 200 men.

That was exceptional, but even at my typical events, telling my story as you have helped me to do has lead to a significant increase in sign ups. Keep doing what you’re doing, Megan!

Christopher West Founder and President The Cor Project Pennsylvania, USA

What Megan is really doing is acting as a catalyst to draw your experiences out, and to put that on paper... which is a very difficult thing for a business owner to do. We've thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, it's been very commercially productive for us and we look forward to carrying on working with Megan and her team.

John Dyer-Grimes Dyer-Grimes Architects London, UK

Megan's unique approach has completely revolutionised my whole way of marketing. Before I use to work with other methods and think 'this person is doing this, so let's do that' but what Megan has really helped me to see is that actually it is about relating to people in a way that feels normal and natural.

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