Introducing The Be Yourself Community

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Be Yourself Community – a community for entrepreneurs who are committed to being themselves in their business and marketing. It’s a place for people who are putting all of themselves into their work to come together and have honest conversations about the things that really matter. I’ve created the Be Yourself Community so you can be a part of a movement that supports you as you forge meaningful work and impact the world around you. I hope you’ll join me…

Be Yourself Community Membership Benefits

  • Access to a Private Facebook group: Get direct access to me and other community members who are out putting their real self into their business and marketing. We’ll support each other as we strive to make an impact on the world around us.
  • Monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything): Ask me anything you want and I’ll answer live in the Facebook group. We’ll have real discussions about what really matters when it comes to business and what it takes to get paid for who you really are.
  • Monthly Conversations That Matter: As I explore ideas for my work I regularly seek out people who are doing things that interest me and I interview them as part of my research. They may have a particular expertise I want to better understand or they might simply be living and working in the kind of way I want to. They may be entrepreneurs, artists and everything in between. What they are not is the usual stream of ‘experts’ you’re normally exposed to in the world of business and marketing. I call the discussions I have with these people The Conversations That Matter. Every month you’ll get a recording of a conversation I’ve had.
  • Worldwide Network: You’ll meet members from near and far who are also committed to conducting their business and marketing as a real human being and telling a story that’s worthy of who they are.
  • Be First To Hear About Upcoming Events: You’ll be first to know about any upcoming online and offline events and programs we have. You’ll have first access to any limited events we do.

Join The Be Yourself Community

Become a Member of the Be Yourself Community for $29 a month (if you’re in the UK that’s approx. £19 +VAT). Just click the button below to join. I can’t wait to see you in the Facebook group and get to know you better.

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Here’s what some others entrepreneurs have said about my Self-Disclosure In Print newsletter:

Not only do I continue to enjoy your newsletters, they are excellent therapy. Truly, some of the best writing and insights I've ever read.

Susan Kruger SOAR Learning Michigan, USA

Most people don’t know who they are. Megan has found a way to use business and business challenges as a window into answering very hard personal questions – while at the same time making their business larger and more profitable and touch more people.

Who needs to hear that? Well, everyone who has begun to figure out that being successful in marketing takes a lot more than swiping ideas from other peoples’ stuff and mindlessly applying them faster than everyone else can.

I regularly quote Megan’s Self-Disclosure In Print newsletter in my work. I give Megan my hearty recommendation.

Perry Marshall Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing, Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Megan I can't thank you enough for you work and your writing. As an entrepreneur this is the type of information that I want to be putting into my head every month and I really look forward to what you create. And the reason is that I think as an entrepreneur we have an information diet issue...

We read all these things and what happens is I think we start to tell ourselves that we need to do whatever insert-guru's-name is doing to make our business successful and we lose touch with ourselves. We lose touch with what makes us unique, what makes our business unique, what makes our message unique.

That's what I love about your newsletter - it really helps me recalibrate every month to what I'm doing, what's my message, what's the knowledge that i have locked up inside of me that I'm not accessing because I'm afraid.

There's something in the newsletter that hits home every month.

Joshua Millage Codebox California, USA

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Any time I’ve done live events the most interesting part of the day is the conversations that happen in the hall afterwards. A group of people form to talk about the presentation and the discussions that happen there are always the most powerful and thought-provoking part of the whole thing. I’m excited to create a place for those discussions to happen every month online. The people who are drawn to Be Yourself marketing and the other things I talk about are so varied and have such interesting backgrounds, it really is a unique community that has an ability to have these rich conversations. So I’m really excited to get to know everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you inside the community!


Megan Macedo

Hear what community member, Joshua Millage has to say:

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What People Are Saying About Megan’s Work:

As an author and public speaker, I’ve been “telling my story” for over twenty years, but when I was introduced to Megan and her work, I knew I had things to learn that would make my story telling all the more compelling. I have not been disappointed. In fact, I’d call it providence that I came across the “Tell Your Story in 30 Days” program.

Megan is an incredibly gifted person who knows what makes human beings tick. She “got” me and my ideal customers. More than a marketing expert, Megan is an artist. She’ll operate on you with the skill of a surgeon and illuminate your story with the insights and thoughtfulness of a friend who’s seemed to know you for years.

At times in my session with her, I wasn’t sure if I was getting marketing advice or therapy. I came away realizing I needed a little of both, and she delivered. I can’t recommend her program enough. I’m convinced it will prove to be one of the best investments I’ve made in helping me find the people I’m called to serve.

I continue to use all I’ve learned from you in my public presentations to great effect. Last weekend we had near 50% sign up rate to the Membership after telling my story to a room full of over 200 men.

That was exceptional, but even at my typical events, telling my story as you have helped me to do has lead to a significant increase in sign ups. Keep doing what you’re doing, Megan!

Christopher West Founder and President The Cor Project Pennsylvania, USA

Megan's work and insight not only help me clarify my message but also helped me understand the fundamentals I needed to know about marketing. She will help you get clear about yourself, your strengths and how to reach your people.

Shannon Post Career Coach SPostSolutions

We've seen a 50% increase in the level of enquiries through working with Megan. What's been very interesting is the different response we've had from customers. In the past we'd be contacted by clients who were perhaps apprehensive about what it was like to speak to an architect. Through Megan's email sequences we're able to reveal very frank and honest parts of my character, my team, my life experiences. This seems to break down barriers so that potential clients are able to be more forthcoming and trusting as soon as we start talking.

What Megan is really doing is acting as a catalyst to draw your experiences out, and to put that on paper... which is a very difficult thing for a business owner to do. We've thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, it's been very commercially productive for us and we look forward to carrying on working with Megan and her team.

John Dyer-Grimes Dyer-Grimes Architects London, UK