Story Workshop

25 May 2017

Online Event

Replay Available


I’ve been thinking a lot about story and storytelling recently as we prepare for a new intake of students for the Tell Your Story program next month. Story has become a buzzword in marketing in recent years but most of the talk about it misses the mark. It’s not about following some magic formula for stories that sell, or deconstructing popular TED talks or modelling Hollywood blockbusters. All of that stuff doesn’t even scratch the surface of what matters most.

The truth is if you want to tell a story that engages and moves people – and does you justice – your storytelling must be vulnerable and fearless and attuned to the deepest desires of your audience. And that’s hard to do.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about the more intangible, harder to grasp parts of the storytelling process in my 10 Days of Story writings and now I’m doing a free online workshop all about story. In the workshop I’ll show you how to apply the principles I’ve talked about in the 10 Days of Story. I’ll talk more specifically about the how to tell your story – one that is about whole-truths rather than half-truths, one that is true to who you are and totally relevant to your audience at the same time.

There is both an art and a science to this process and in the story workshop I’ll give you an insight into both.

If you are interested in getting your story and your work out there in a bigger and more compelling way, then join me on this free workshop. Experience tells me we all have a compelling and relevant story to tell, we just need a little help to uncover it and tell it.

It’s free and it’s online and you can access and watch a replay from this page.