A Year Without Secrets Talk

26 May 2016

Online Event

Replay Available


A few years ago I realised just how many secrets I was keeping. The secrets were small and subtle but very real and the result was I wasn’t showing myself in my work or my life.

I began to notice that all the people I really respected in business were putting their whole self into their work. They were somehow able to show up as themselves – on their website, across the internet and in person. I wasn’t there yet and I felt kind of stuck.

The reality was I provided a service that didn’t do justice to what I was really capable of doing in this world. I served clients who didn’t really ‘get’ me. They were happy with the work I was doing for them and would give us good feedback and testimonials, but I wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire. I didn’t talk to my friends about my work. I dreamt big but I played safe and stayed small.

Until one day something happened that made me initiate a change. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, it would be 18 months before it became clear to me. I simply wrote the words, “A Year Without Secrets” in my notebook and there it began.

On Thursday 26th May I’m going to share the story of what happened in a live online talk. I’m going to walk you through why and how I finally came out of hiding and started telling my story.

I’ve talked before about how the lessons we really need to learn come from hearing other people’s stories. Sure, you can learn how to optimise the settings on your Facebook ads campaigns by being taught in a step-by-step approach, but for the bigger, more pervasive problems in your life and work the breakthrough insights come when you hear someone else’s story. That’s how your brain pieces together what YOU need to know to make progress.

We’re preoccupied with facts and logic but stories are what change us. Stories can reach places in our brains and hearts that nothing else can get to. The deep truth of any story lies in the subtext – the things that can’t be captured in words. The reality of life, too lies in the subtext. It’s what we’re not saying or what we’re not paying attention to that holds the secret of our problems and our greatest potential.

As well as sharing my story on Thursday, I’ll also show you how to use your story to put the humanity back into your marketing. Most sales and marketing messages – especially the ones that follow the ‘best practices’ that are routinely taught across the marketing and online business world – lack the layers and subtlety that are at the heart of natural human communication. The result is unmoved customers and business owners who find it harder and harder to get great clients who appreciate what they do.

The free online talk I’m doing on Thursday 26th May is for you if:

– You want to put more humanity into your marketing
– Your work is about something you believe in that’s bigger than you
– You want to come out of hiding and be yourself in your work
– You want to tell your story but are nervous about actually doing it
– You’d like to only work with customers who truly appreciate what you can do for them
– You have a sense that you’re destined to reach more people with your work

I hope you’ll join me for this ‘A Year Without Secrets’ talk. It’s free and it’s online and you can watch a replay on this page.